7 Things That You Don’t Know About Canada Immigration

When we talk about Canadian Immigration, then we must admit that the country offers the most comprehensive and easy to follow the immigration system. If you are planning to migrate to Canada as a permanent resident, then you must keep a few facts clear!

Find out the 7 facts about Canada immigration below:

Your Status of a Canadian Permanent Resident Never Expires
Once you become a permanent resident of Canada and have obtained a PR status, then it will remain with you for a lifetime. The only exception is the issuance of your departure order from the Canadian government to revoke your status officially in case you haven’t met the residency obligations.

But, always remember that an expired PR card doesn’t mean losing your PR status. canada pr process

Appealing your Matter
Canada also provides a right to the application, the country always considers the applicant’s needs and issues. In case you disagree with the decision of the Canadian Government you can appeal. Though one should not outrightly appeal, you can place a polite request to reconsider your application.

Criminal Convictions associated with Permanent Residents
If you have been convicted of any crime as a permanent resident of Canada, then be ready to get deported from Canada to your home country. If you have been sentenced for less than two years, then there is still a hope to appeal, but, the waiting time would be longer.

Most of the Canadian PNPs are linked to Express Entry System
At the time of launch in 2015, Express Entry was not linked to most of the Canadian provinces. But, with time, provinces started acknowledging this new Express Entry pathway, as it is indeed one of the fastest ways to find skilled talent. Thus, most of the employers in different provinces got associated with the Express Entry. Presently, approximately 15-17 streams of different provincial nominee programs are linked to the Federal Express Entry System.

Now biometrics is required for Express Entry
Now if you file for a Canadian PR visa, then you have to submit your biometrics as well as your identity proof. This initiative has been taken by the Government of Canada in order to facilitate the application processing system and simplify the low-risk travelers’ entry into Canada. Visa Officers use this biometrics of each applicant to screen and analyze their identity, past criminal convictions and more.

Importance of Language Test Results
All the official publications, documents, and services are in both languages, i.e. English and French, that is why it is very important for you to meet the minimum English or French language requirement. Thus, you should be proficient in either French or English to easily communicate with people around you and adjust to the Canadian lifestyle.

Your language test results are equally valid and mandatory just like any other piece of document, including, your passport, birth certificate, Educational credentials transcripts, marriage certificate, reference letters, promotion letter, etc.

Documents have to be written in either of the official languages of Canada
You must ensure that all your documents are properly translated into either English or French language, as these are 2 officially excepted languages of Canada. Also, ensure that your application is complete and includes all the relevant information.

We hope the information above is useful for you and as per our suggestion you should always keep the above-stated points in your mind while applying for Canada immigration.

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